SEUM collab

SEUM is a guitarless Doom’N’Bass sludgy trio from Montréal with whom I have collaborated on several of their releases:

SEUM logo

SEUM – Split 7 inch with Fatima (2020)

Outside illustration
Inside illustration

I designed, illustrated, and hand crafted all the artwork and the 3d popup for this split 7 inch between SEUM and FATIMA.

40 were produced: 33 for the release, and 7 for the band members and I. The split sold out in less than 24h. The digital version is still available on the links below:

SEUM is a guitarless Doom’N’Bass trio from Montreal:

FATIMA is a grungy doom trio from Paris:


We made a fully illustrated 28 pages process zine where the bands and I each talk about the creative and the technical stuff behind the music and the illustration, perfect for sound nerds and/or illustration geeks, and it’s free for download!

Click on the image to download.

SEUM – Double Double (2023)

The artwork was declined in different versions : the two for the vinyl LP edition and for the CD edition loop into each other with a play on the colors:

There is also a third one which was done for the cassette release of the album:

SEUM – Red Sematary (2021)

Illustration for their Ramones cover single from their Winterized album

SEUM – I’ve Read They Suck Live !! (tba ?)

This illustration is an homage to the classic NoFX live album‘s cover by Coop.