I against I

Greetings, my name is Gorka Uztarroz.

I’m a Bjj black belt from Paris, a freelance illustrator and part time ninja assassin for hire (I don’t do kids).

My current projects are :

SEUM – FATIMA split 7 inch artwork

Click on the cover for more info and how to buy.

SNAP is a 48 pages + cover A5 format risograph collection of my best BJJ themed comics & illustrations:

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My A6 Mini Comics Collection:

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The Crucial Corona Chronicles was my (almost daily) quarantine comic, it is paused for now :

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Clients: Apophis Consortium, Cécile et Roman, Fatima, Forest In Blood, Inner Kingdom Games, Knives Out Records, Phénix Editions, Mlah!, Purple Duck Games, SEUM, Today The Twelve, Union Galaktik, Vajra Enterprises, ZMan Games…