Cosmogol 666 Comics

From hardcore outlaw to innocent slice of life autobio, DRAW COMICS OR DIE!

Le FRENCH NINJA – A True Story
(LE NINJA DE PLACE CLICHY – Une Histoire Vraie)

An autobio mini-comic about that time in my pre-teens where I started training to become a NINJA!

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Die Now & Worry Later


My own fanzine where I’ll be unloading all the stupid stuff I create.

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Everybody knows that due to an accidental exposition to gamma rays, when Dr.Banner gets angry he turns into the Hulk.

But now that the Hulk himself has been exposed to zeta rays, the world is about to discover what the green behemoth turns into when HE gets mad!

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Chopper: Locals Only

Localism is strong in Mega-City One’s sky surfing scene, and you better not be caught by another surf gang ripping on their turf or the issue could be bloodier than a wipe out at 1.000 feet!

The tension has been rising lately and it’s riskier than ever to cruise the skies alone, but Chopper rides solo, always has, always will! And with his usual board strangely disappearing, this year’s annual illegal sky surf race is looking more dangerous than ever! Rumors goes that there’s even an undercover Judge amongst the participants!

With the help of old skysurf legend Chris “Fletch” and his classic Kaneda board, will Chopper be able to make it to the final line intact, let alone survive this year’s BONESAWNAMI DEATH RACE ?

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“BUB!” A Wolverine one-shot story

It’s been a few rough years for poor Jack… Life ain’t easy when you’re out of luck, out of money, and out of touch… Especially in Madripoor…

But for once, Jack has been at the right spot at the right time! This might finally be his opportunity! Sure it’s not very legal, and a bit risky, but Jack has the right contacts and the street smarts, and with just a tiny bit of luck, this time he can turn it around!

Now all he needs is for once for things to go smoothly at his meeting with the dockers syndicate crew and he’ll be able to get back on his feet!

The sleazy bar is almost desert when they finally arrive. One of the goons just bumped by mistake into this strange looking dude with the funny hair who’s been drinking all night quietly at the bar, but if he’s smart, the one-eyed fella will stay put for his own good… Now, just this one time, nothing can go wrong, right… Bub ?

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WAIT… WHAT? The world’s first stretching fanzine!

36 illustrated pages of stretching exercises, comics, weird stuff… And it’s a FREE DOWNLOADABLE .pdf!

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The Crucial Corona Chronicles was published daily during the first quarantine… To Be Continued?

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A6 Mini Comics Collection

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